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Celebrity VDL two times 2nd in Eindhoven

Jun 2, 2014 20.56

Great results for offspring of VDL stallion at the CSI 3* Eindhoven. Especially offspring of Indoctro did very well:


Celebrity VDL (Indoctro x Emilion) and Ernesto Canseco Olvera placed two times 2nd in International Young Horses classes.

VDL Groep Dirkowitz (Indoctro x Mirkowitz), ridden by Joep van der Kampen, won the opening class (1.20m ) and also placed 3rd and 7th in 1.20m classes.

VDL Groep Spiritivo (Indoctro x Corrado), ridden by Niclas Parmler won a 1.30m class against the clock placed 5th in a 1.30m class.


Ronaldo (Ahorn x Stuyvesant), ridden by Carlos Ribas won a 1.40m class against the clock and Zorianda ( Indorado x Beaujolais) placed 2nd, she is ridden by Bianca Schoenmakers.


3rd + 3rd 1.45m: VDL Groep Arera C (Indoctro x Voltaire), ridden by Maikel van der Vleuten
4th 1.35m: Adventure (Indorado x Amethist), ridden by Conor Drain
4th 1.35m: Baileys (Indoctro x Come On), ridden by Jessica Nijssen
5th 1.30m: Casablanca (Corland x Matterhorn), ridden by Maxime de Clerq
6th 1.45m: Very Nice (Cantos x Candilo), ridden by Timothy Hendrix
6th 1.35m: Beaumont (Vermont x Julio Marinier), ridden by Willem Greve
7th 1.30m: VDL Groep Beluga (Indoctro x Comtessa), ridden by Kim Rothengatter
7th 1.20m: Dionisos (Zavall x Burggraaf), ridden by Fabienne Roelofsen
8th 1.20m: Demantus VS (Douglas x Burggraaf) , ridden by Frans Wijlaars
9th 1.40m: Zorianda (Indorado x Beaujolais), ridden by Bianca Schoenmakers.
9th 1.35m: Anderson VDL (Chin Cin x Ahorn), ridden by Ernesto Canseco Olvera
9e 1.35m: Dutsboy (Veron x Lux), ridden by Joy Lammers


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