Don Schufro 25 years young

Mar 20, 2018 - 14:36

The influence of Don Schufro on the dressagebreeding is still growing.

At Blue Hors we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Don Schufro, who came as a youngster to Blue Hors and developed into one of the most influential sires of the world.

Esben Møller discovered Don Schufro at Paul Schockemöhle in Germany when he was only four years old. The son of Donnerhall had to come to Blue Hors. But Don Schufro was actually not for sale Schockemöhle did not want to sell. Esben insisted and finally he was successful in purchasing Don Schufro for Blue Hors.
Don Schufro became popular among the breeders and he showed his ability as a dressagehorse. Lars Petersen trained Don Schufro up to Grand Prix level. Later Andreas Helgstrand took over the reins. They became a very successful combination with over 30 Grand Prix wins. Highlight of their career was winning the bronze medal with the Danish team at the Hong Kong Olympics 2008. Individually they took 11nd spot.

Also in breeding Don Schufro established his name as a great producer. He passed on his qualities to his progeny. Over 40 offspring compete(d) in the Grand Prix. He belongs meanwhile to the best proven dressage-sires in the world. Weihegold OLD, the current number 1 of the world, puts her sire in the lime lights. Other famous horses that did that already were Diamond Hit, Bocelli, Donna Silver and Paragon for instance. On the world-ranking Don Schufro is in the top 10 for many years and in all the breeds in Europe he is in the top of the rankings of the breeding values. His sons Diamond Hit and Don Romantic accompany their father in the top of the world-ranking.

Not only through his 28 approved sons and many grandsons the influence of Don Schufro in the dressage horse breeding is increasing, there are a lot of successful horses bred out of his daughters and granddaughters. Our own stallion Zee Me Blue for instance, but also Worldchampion Sezuan and Glock’s Zonik.

Don Schufro, a living legend. We honored him with a bronze statue that will always connect him with Blue Hors where Don Schufro enjoys his retirement.

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