Blue Hors Zack seventh in World Cup Final

Apr 18, 2018 - 13:57


Zack and Daniel delivered top performances at the World Cup Finals in Paris with the sixth place in the Grand Prix and the seventh place in the Freestyle. Zack's son Zonik was placed eighth in the final.

Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Zack finished at the seventh place in the FEI World Cup final in Paris. The judges appreciated their freestyle, of which Daniel increased the degree of difficulty over the past few months, with 80,532 percent. We are incredibly proud of this achievement. Blue Horse Zack has proven over the past year to be one of the best dressage horses in the world and in Paris Zack proved that once again.

The FEI World Cup began on Friday with an outstanding sixth place in the Grand Prix. Daniel went as the second of starterfied and held the lead for a long time. The score in the Grand Prix of 74,130 percent was a nice prelude to the freestyle.

On Saturday afternoon in the final, the freestyle, Zack and Daniel showed a very good test and Zack excelled with his pirouettes, the passage and the extended gaits. The percentage of 80,532 was good for seventh place. Cennin and Madeleine Witte-Vrees passed Daniel and Zack in the standings compared to the Grand Prix.

Just like in the World Cup in Amsterdam Zack got competition of his son Zonik with Edward Gal. In Paris was Zack better. Zonik ended ninth in the Grand Prix and in the final as eighth exactly behind his father.

In March 2017 Daniel and Zack made their international Grand Prix debut, a year later they are seventh in the world and the next month they will also climb the world rankings where they now on the 17th spot. And Zack makes name as sire as well. It is unique that father and son compete in the World Cup Finals.

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