Victory in youngster class in Oberneuland

May 12, 2019 - 10:46


On Thursday, Hendrik Sosath and the sosath team riders competed their young horses at lovely show of family Forkert in Bremen Oberneuland.
Team rider Jannes Schultewolter won the youngster jumping class on A**-level with Diamant de Baugy (8.2). Hendrik placed Vagabond on fifth place and his second horse Quantico by Quaid on the eighth position. Celine Beekhuis became seventh with Calanda.
Comme Prévu became runner-up in the youngster jumping class on L-level (8.4). Diamant de Landor finished on third placed (8.2).
In the late afternoon, Ogano placed in the jumping class on M*- level for 7-year-old horses.

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