9.0 for Comme Prévu

Jun 8, 2019 - 11:30


Yesterday, Hendrik and our team riders competed in Ganderkesee.
Comme Prévu and Hendrik won the youngster jumping class on L-level with a dream mark of 9.0. Hannah and Lollipop by Lordanos became fifth (8.0).
In the second youngster jumping class on L-level Hendrik and Calanda from Casino Berlin finished fifth (8.0) and Lordas from Lordanos, presented by Jannes, placed seventh (7.8).
In the highest class of the day, a youngster jumping class on M-level, Comme Prévu convinced again and became runner-up with 8.4.
In the morning, Rieke and Van Primero became runner-up with 8.4 in a youngster dressage class on A-level.

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