First Sosath Online-Auction on 25th of August!

Jun 11, 2019 - 17:02


We expanded our commitment to promote the offspring of our stallions. Together with ehorses and the auction house DECHOW, we will host an online auction for foals and broodmares for the first time. The online auction will start in August. We would like to give our breeders the opportunity to reach as many potential buyers as possible all over the world and to encourage them to sell their offspring more easily.

Our marketing partner is ehorses, Europe's largest online horse market. The team members of ehorses are experts in selling horses online. They use different channels to advertise, for example Instagram, Facebook and newsletters. Therefore, they reach a lot of potential customers with different interests and from different countries.

The auction house DECHOW, which is based in Hamburg, has more than 100 years of experience in conducting auctions. They will take care of a smooth execution of the online auction.

Register your foal till the 1st of July 2019!

You have a great foal by one of our stallions out of a successful dam line? Then register it online till the 1st of July. The foal selection will take place during the Oldenburg Foal Shows on 9th and 10th of July. If you participate in the Oldenburg Foal Show anyway, we will take photos and videos at the same time. All other foals will be shown afterwards.

You do not want to sell your foal through an auction, but would like to place an advertisement?

The collaboration with Kiki Beelitz' "Fohlenbörse" remains as it was - the advertisements are not only at that site but also on

Additionally, we started a great collaboration with ehorses, Europe's leading horse market. You can send your advert on our website ("upload your advert"). Then, it will be online there and also on all international sites from ehorses (, .com, .nl, .es, .fr). We take the costs for the "platinum" advertisements. These premium announcements will be promoted extensively on ehorses' front pages, in the newsletter, on Instagram and Facebook.

If you do not have suitable photo and video material, you are welcome to come to our foal show. After the Oldenburg foals, there will be a photo and video session for all offspring of our stallions. Please send us an e-mail to events@sosath. com if you would like to participate.

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