Stargos (Stakkato Gold x Conthargos) passes the performance test Adelheidsdorf

May 21, 2020 - 10:33


Adelheidsdorf - Stargos (Stakkato Gold x Conthargos) successfully passed the 14-day performance test in Adelheidsdorf, Germany. For example, the stallion's list of marks features an 8.5 no less than four times.

  • Model: 8.5
  • Character / tempterament: 8.5
  • Will to work 8.5
  • Free jumping 8.5

The final score for jumping for the high-quality stallion Stargos was 8.05.

Stargos is a modern, light-footed and fantastic jumping son of Stakkato Gold. Stargos, approved by Oldenburg, was bred from a mare by the popular sire Conthargos, supplemented with the proven genes of Argentinus and Grundstein I.

At the Oldenburger stallion selection Stargos was already very popular; the Stakkato Gold stallion stood out with his excellent jumping technique with especially a fantastic way of using his backend on the jump. Stargos also showed a lot of athletic ability, spectacular reflexes and a high degree of lightness.

All I want L (by Arezzo) also scored excellent on the performance test in Adelheidsdorf. The stallion scored an 8.75 for model, a 9 for character / temperament, an 8.5 for willingness to work, an 8 for free jumping, and twice an 8 for rittigkeit.

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