Gibroka (s. Zirocco Blue) wins Ch-Grand Prix Lamprechtshausen

Sep 17, 2020 - 08:21


Gibroka (Zirocco Blue x Libero H) and Anouk Tolboom won the Ch-Grand Prix of Lamprechtshausen, Austria. They also won the Children Nations Cup with the Dutch team.

Gregorius vd Vrendt (Emilion x Corland) and Amber van Marle became 3rd in the J-Grand Prix, Haston Nita (Zirocco Blue x Corland), ridden by Wesley the Boer, placed 4th and Gavita V (Zirocco Blue x French Buffet xx), ridden by Giorgio Bilotta, became 6th.
The Junior Nations Cup was won by the Dutch Team with a.o Haston Nita, Gregorius vd Vrendt and Figo.

Gregorius vd Vrendt also placed 10th in a 1.40m J-class and Figo (Zapatero x Indoctro), ridden by Ilse Tolboom, placed 3rd in a 1.35m J-class.

Denzel Quantum Leap (Cantos x Indoctro) and Elin Ott won a 1.35m U25-A class and Zinett LN (Zavall x Ragazzo), ridden by Josephine Boegh, placed 6th in a 1.30m Y-class.


@picture: Emilion

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