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For Dance and Vivaldos offspring succeed in free movement competition

Oct 4, 2022 09.54

Free movement competition in PZG Holledau

PZG champion of the 3-year olds:


For Dance x Grafenstolz

The typey mare in a dark jacket scored especially with canter, type and suitability for riding horses. The judges awarded the mare 5 times the highest score of 10 and she won with an overall score of 9.5. Patricia Kornes from Ettringen is the proud exhibitor.

PZG Champion of the 2-year-olds


Vivaldos x Belissimo

Vincento wins the Cup with a score of 9.33 and receives multiple scores of 10 for his walk. The horse's breeder is Toni Kornes from Ettringen. He is owned by Franz Fischer from Gestüt Kastanienhof.

Congratulations on this success!

Photos: Landes