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New: the best dams of top horses in the picture

Mar 5, 2023

Since last week, HorseTelex has a new system for adding competition results to pedigrees. Two important sources of information have been added to
- IPV world rankings for dams of international sport horses
- national North American results in addition to all international FEI-results.
As we know, almost exclusively promising or high-level sporthorses are sold from Europe to America. To European breeders they then disappear from sight. But no longer! HorseTelex brings them into view, in detail, with all their national, American results. Extra interesting because in America, relatively many top horses are competing exclusively at national level in the highest classes.
New for TOP members of HorseTelex are the highly informative dam rankings. Since 1 January 2015, HorseTelex has been keeping track from week to week of which stallions perform best with their offspring in the international sport, ranked by the age of their offspring. Since last week, HorseTelex also charts the most successful dams of international sport horses, ranked by the number of active offspring. There are five different groups, those with at least 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 active offspring in sport.
Of stallions, breeders know all the details. Much less is known about mares. By far most remain out of the picture. But no longer!
Any idea how many dams there are that currently have at least 3 active offspring in international show jumping? 35? 135? No, 1135! HorseTelex has ranked them all for you in order of their IPV (International Progeny Value).
Cordula de Laubry, dam of Brooklyn Heights, Global, Fantomas de Muze, Lector van den Bisschop and Igor de Muze (all 1.60m or higher), among others, stands out head and shoulders above them. Besides Cordula, two other daughters of For Pleasure are in the top 5 of the group of dams with at least 7 active, international offspring. One of these is Excellentia de Muze, who even already has 8 active international grandchildren.
Consulting the world rankings ISV and IPV is reserved for TOP members of HorseTelex.