McLain Ward and Zander on top in Valkenswaard

19 08 2012

McLain Ward took home the last class at the CSI5* show in Valkenswaard, which was the final in the Medium Tour. As many as 19 pairs cleared the first round over the 1,50 meter fences and qualified for the jump-off.

Jessica Springsteen with Temmie (Matterhorn x Indoctro) started off the jump-off but had to settle with four faults ashe had the first fence down. Lauren Hough with Ohlala (Orlando x Cardento) was next to go and the couple was both fast and clear and put some pressure on the rest of the riders with their time of 41,57 seconds.

The Danish rider Andreas Schou with Uno's Safier (Numero Uno x Amor) was also clear but couldn't do anything about Lauren's time. A misunderstanding between Manuel Anon and Baldo DS (Kannan x Darco) led to a refusal as well as four time fault and then three riders had to see the poles fall - Gregory Wathelet with Kronos D'Ouilly (Uzelien x Graphit) had two down in the beginning of the course, Michael Whitaker with Viking (Jacomar x Almox Prints J) had the third fence down and Leopold van Aasten with VDL Groep Amelie (by Luidam) had the b-element of the combination down but was so far the fastest rider with four fault so he took over the third position.

Rodrigo Pessoa really let HH Ashley (Acorado x Chasseur) canter to the last oxer and could in that way take over the lead. Harrie Smolders with Regina Z was the second Dutch rider in the class and he really went for it. Regina bucked around between the fences as usual but they still could scrape of some hundreds of Rodrigo's time.

Sergio Alvarez Moya with Zipper got a great clear round an took over the fourth place. Then it was time for Marco Kutscher with Cash (Carthago x Lavall) and we can only say - Cash is back! We were so pleased to see Cash doing what he is doing best - jumping amazing and make everything look really easy. After two really short turns Marco and Cash took over the lead.

Leon Thijssen with Wintu (Kannan x Grand Canyon) got four faults before Edwina Tops-Alexander with Guccio (Quick Star x Cantus) entered the ring. Edwina showed that she wanted to win on home soil, but she didn't quite make the time. Denis Lynch that had changed the bit on Lantinus (Landkoening x Argentinus) had the fastest time in the class but the a-element fell to the ground.

Saer Coulter with Carmena Z (Carthago Z x Irco Mena) got eight faults in the end of the course. Lady Lindenhof jumped amazing and she and Luciana Diniz started off really fast but lost their flow a bit during the round and went in on sixth place. Kent Farrington with Venus (Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Julius) got the third fence down, and then it was time for Athina Onassis de Miranda with AD Uceline (Celano x Koriander). Athina was probably the happiest one of all the riders when she ended the course clear round and with a time good enough for the ninth place in the end.

Last to go was McLain Ward with Zander (Cantos x Saygon) and he showed everyone that he for sure knows how to ride a really fast and clear jump-off, and won the class before Marco and Cash. It was a great end to the weekend for the American riders that had had huge success in Valkenswaard!

Source World of Showjumping