Bosty wins in Helsinki

22 10 2012

After a fourteen-horse jump-off, the second leg of the 2012/2013 Rolex FEI World Cup season in Helsinki went to Roger Yves Bost - aka Bosty - and Castles Forbes Myrtille Paulois (Dollar du Murier x Grand Veneur). Jeroen Dubbeldam and BMC Utascha Sfn (Lux x Indoctro), the winners from last weekend in Oslo, were first to go and put the pressure on the other riders as they had a fast clear round. The clock stopped at 38,98 seconds. They had some luck making it though as Jeroen cut the line over fence number three, an oxer, so much that he actually touched the wing and the flag on top fell down. In a magical way the pole managed to stayed in place.

Italian rider Giovanni Consorti/Silverstras was next, but did not find the rythm and ended at 8 faults.
Then it was time for the young talent Martin Fuchs riding his experienced partner Principal 12 (Prinz Oldenburg x Grabensprung). Besides a stumble after one of the fences they had a nice round, but four faults finally placed them as number elleven. Jens Fredricsson and Lunatic wanted to fight in the top and sat up the speed. Unfortunately the b-element of the combination did not stay up as Jens cut the turn maybe a bit too early on his way to the next fence.

Scott Brash is on fire these days and has had two good weekends both in Oslo and Helsinki. Brash had some trouble in the combination, but Hello Sanctos (Quasimodo V. Molendreef x Nabab de Reve) was quick with his legs and the poles stayed in place. They had a high speed towards the last fence, but finished at 39,08 - 0,04 seconds behind Jeroen.

Then it was time for the speed machine, Roger Yves Bost. Bosty and Castles Forbes Myrtille Paulois had once again left their brakes at home and flew around the small arena in Helsinki. They had a crazy jump over oxer number three, and in true Bosty-style they shaved off 1,59 of Jeroen’s time and took over the lead.

Emanuele Gaudiano/Cocoshynsky tried to set up a high speed, but had four faults in the combination and was out of the game. Kevin Staut and Silvana produced a safe clear round and the time 40,74 eventually placed them as number six. William Funnel and Billy Angelo were also clear, but had no chance chasing Bosty’s time and the clock stopped at 40,28 good enough for fifth place today.

Henk van de Pol and his relatively young ride Warrant had a nice round, but ended up jumping through the last fence as Henk tried to get off way too early. Their four faults and the 41.87 finally placed them tenth. Philipp Weishaupt and Catoki were next to go and wanted to follow up on their good result from yesterday’s Grand Prix where they ended fourth. The turn to the penultimate oxer got too tight though and the backpole fell placing them as number twelve.

The new lovely combination Sergio Alvarez Moya and Carlo 273 were third in Oslo and did not want to prove any less today. They had tight turns and good gallop and tried their best to take Bosty’s time which nearly gave them their first win together. But Bosty is Bosty and even a Spanish super combination was not enough to beat him today. Sergio and Carlo crossed the finish line 0,09 seconds slower than the French rider, but secured second place which without a doubt is a very good result.

Last two to go, Steve Guerdat/Nasa and Maikel van der Vleuten/VDL Groep Verdi were not able to change the top of the list. Steve made the turn to vertical number too a bit too tight which made it fall, and he also had one down in the combination. Maikel on the other hand did not make the turn over fence three and ended at four faults as number seven.

Even though the “Oslo - Helsinki-spell” is broken (the last three years there has been the same rider winning the World Cup class in both Oslo and Helsinki) there is no doubt who currently is on form after two legs of the 2012/2013 World Cup qualifiers. Jeroen Dubbeldam, Sergio Alvares Moya and Scott Brash are flying these days. It will be interesting to see how things are after a little “break” until the next leg is on in Lyon the first weekend of November.

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Source World of Showjumping