KWPN: 61 Jumper Stallions to Third Round Viewing

01 02 2013

With 30 jumper stallions selected thursday, a total of 61 jumper stallions are slated for the third round viewing on Saturday at the KWPN Stallion Show powered by Massey Ferguson in ’s Hertogenbosch. “Like yesterday, we enjoyed judging,” said Daan Nanning upon conclusion of the second round viewing. “We saw good groups of stallions, and the offspring of Alicante, Arezzo, Carambole, and Verdi made an especially good impression.” Among the stallions advanced to the third round viewing were four of the five Carambole sons and three sons by Alicante HBC. “It was a really nice day, and we'll select further on Saturday. In general, we'd rather give a stallion too many chances than too few,” Nanning added.

Among the remarkable jumper stallions of the day were Fabio (Up to Date x Burggraaf), First (Cardento x Nimmerdor), Ferdino (Verdi x Fuego de Prelet), Farfan M (Cantos x Lux), and Fly High Fortuna HBC (Alicante HBC x Memphis).

For thursday's complete results, click here.