Holsteiner Licensing & Elite Riding-Horse Auction

12 10 2017

Given that this showing season’s last outing means the new season is just around the corner you should keep your eyes wide open to discover new talent! And which better opportunity to do so than a Holsteiner auction? All of the 38 horses which have made it into the catalogue have been extensively checked for soundness, ability and overall quality. As to be expected, most of them have a talent for show jumping but the choice selection also comprises four aspiring dressage talents.
A closer look at this year’s Holsteiner elite riding horse selection not only reveals several high-quality three- and four-year-old diamonds in the rough but also numerous horses already boasting impressive sport horse performance, having successfully competed in young horse classes, young horse championships or even international youngster tours or qualified to the National Championships.
A string of former auction horses is providing the best advertisement for this sales event, like for example Chanita. Now 6-year-old, the mare by Caretino had been discovered at the Holsteiner auction by Belgian clients, the Haep family, in 2014 and has been produced and shown by daughter Katja since, with the combination attracting attention at the Lanaken World Young Horse Championships just recently. Another show jumper attracting attention is 9-year-old Chichester by Casall. Shown at international level by Peruvian rider Alonso Valdez Prado, he has already qualified to the 2018 World Equestrian Games held in Tryon, USA. But Holstein is not only known for show jumping talents. Again and again, horses from the land between the seas have won medals or distinguished themselves as eventers, like for example Deike by Diarado: Having changed hands at the Holsteiner elite auction two years ago, the winner of a bronze medal at this year’s National Championships is now being produced and shown by Anna Siemer.
You are looking for a promising young talent with a bright future as well? Then don’t hesitate to seize an opportunity, for already American inventor and statesman Benjamin Franklin knew that the trick lies not in perceiving an opportunity, but in being the first to jump at it. Don’t hesitate. Your next opportunity to secure valuable Holsteiner genes and discover your future equine sport partner arises on 4 November 2017 in Neumünster.

Click here for the entire auction collection including videos and more information:

The auction horses’ first public presentation in Elmshorn is on 17 October 2017 at 7 pm. Until 28 October you will have plenty opportunity to try out the horses in a relaxed atmosphere at Elmshorn.

For further information about the auction horses or in order to arrange an individual try-out session, please contact the Holsteiner Verband Vermarktungs- und Auktions GmbH sales team.

Dr. Jörgen Köhlbrandt
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Ove Asmussen
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