Ekestrian: looking for talent!

28 03 2018

The 2018 selections of the online Ekestrian Elite Auction are open ! The auction will be 100% online, which means that you won't have to travel the day of the event.

We are seeking for foals born or to be born in 2018, young horses of 2 and 3 years old for showjumping and eventing, as well as embryos and broodmares, according to the following criteria:

Sire that has performed or is currently performing at the highest level and/or has a renowned production

Dam out of exceptional performers damline, justifying of a confirmed production &/or jumping herself at international level in 1.40m classes & above.

Send us your applications by email at until March 28th 2018 (pedigree selection will be held on March 29th 2018), with the following informations:

Sire's name

Dam's name

Sire of Dam's name

Date of birth/Due date


Important damline infos (ex. videos link of damlines performers)

Wished reserve price net in hand

Studbook registration

Pictures/videos of the foal &/or dam are much appreciated

For horses of 2 and 3 years old, it is imperative to send us in addition to the information above:

Pictures of the model and confirmation of legs

Free jumping videos or videos showing the horses pace

X-rays if existing


In order to select the most suitable candidates for our online auctions, we proceed as follows:

First, a selection is done exclusively based on the genetics of the proposed foals. At the end of this deliberation, we make a physical selection where we try to travel to your facility according to its location.

Once there (at your facility), the experts will give a particular importance to the models, paces and feet of the foals.

Following the decision of our experts, a registration fee of 450 € excluding taxes per foal is due to integrate our catalog. These fees will be immediately used for the communication and to highlight your lot. At the time of the sale, the Ekestrian commission fee is 10% of the adjudicated price once the reserve price has been exceeded. If the reserve price is not reached at the time of the sale, the lot is not sold and no additional fees are requested.

Send your application at