Only BreedingProfessionals can upload YouTube video’s to the pedigree pages of their horses. A great way of promoting your horses!

How does it work:
First you have to start your own (free) account at

Once you have your own account, you can start uploading video’s.

Check for an elaborate description of how to upload video’s to

The video can be linked to the pedigree page of your horse as soon as the video is uploaded to YouTube. Log in on HorseTelex with your user name and password. Go to ‘My HT’ and click on ‘My horses’.

In the list of your horses click on ‘Edit remarks’ which can be found in the ‘Options’ column. Now you will find a screen to add YouTube films. Here you can place the link to the video on YouTube.

PAY ATTENTION: PAY ATTENTION: copy the YouTube address of the video at the top of your screen and paste it to the ‘edit remarks’ page of your horse.


Click ‘test’ in order to test the video. It will appear in a separate screen.

Click ‘save’ if the video functions properly.